Short notice

Quick message: I received a short notice today advising me that I have to work all-day this weekend (although I have pre-made plans). Of course, I canceled my personal plans out of obligations to my job duties. Upon learning of this news, I questioned, “Why couldn’t they have told me in advance?” Rather than allow me to be upset, God gave me an unexpected response. “The things I’m going to do for you will be unexpected and short noticed, you won’t have the time to process it.” While that was comforting and rewarding to know, it still didn’t change the fact that I have to work this weekend. Luckily for me, I have a job that I absolutely love and enjoy showing up for. Then too, I understand that although I am a control freak, there will be things I have absolutely no control over.

I love being in charge, but I also know when things are beyond my control. When they are, I let them go. That situation that you’re hoarding control over and haven’t figured out how to solve it, try letting it go and giving it to God. He can control it and work it out much better (and quicker) than you can.


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