It’s not the end

Almost a year and a half ago, I was at my lowest. Anything wrong or disastrous that could happen, did. I have wavered in my faith and wanted to give up on life more times than I could count. I’ve felt punished, angry, forgotten, upset, and betrayed by God. I’ve prayed relentlessly for reprieve and no immediate help was given. I’ve questioned “Why?” for months and was frustrated when I didn’t receive a response. No longer having the strength to continue to fight or wanting to go on, I was at the end of my rope praying someone would cut it, but God tied it instead. It wasn’t the end of me, my journey, or assignment, so He had to put an end to my plans. He knew my situation was temporary, although I called it permanent. He knew what I went through would grow me, but I didn’t so He had to show me. He showed me how to seek Him, rely on Him, and have faith in Him, even in the darkest of times and those uncertain, and one thing I can say for certain, God hasn’t failed me yet. I have up and down days, but I will never forget how good God has been to me on them both. I’m grateful the story didn’t end, or I wouldn’t have anything to share with others. My testimony is to help others but more specifically, to help shine light on the goodness of God.


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