Why not you?

Your job contract is about to end (which would give you more time to work on your business venture), but the company has plans to renew? Would you?

Imagine being offered the job of your dreams but being comfortable with where you are. Would you accept?

Being a leader is hard and can be quite scary. If presented with the opportunity, would you or instead chose to follow?

We all have something we want or desire to do but don’t for many reasons don’t do it. Some lack the resources, others the time, a lot of them the energy, but many don’t have the drive. How do you manage to give a company 40 hours a week but can’t devote two hours to your own goals? At what point do you stop making excuses and start making moves? If the opportunity is there and nothing’s holding you back, what are you afraid of? Unless the thing that’s holding you back is you. I’ve worked in higher education for 14 years and have spoken with many individuals coming back to school for a second career that should’ve been their first one. Whether they did it for someone else or something else (i.e., money), I’m not sure. All I know is they’re now doing it for themselves. Why not you?


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