Without a trace

Do you remember when you were in elementary school learning the alphabets for the first time? To ensure you were writing them correctly, you were given a sample sheet of paper with all of the alphabets made up of dotted lines, which allowed you to trace them. As long as you had a reference to go by, you could see what you were doing. Last week as I was preparing this post, I realized a lot of people don’t trust God because they can’t trace Him. It’s frustrating to them because it’s hard trying to see something you can’t, especially with all the chaos of the world around them.

They’ve come to the conclusion that there’s no evidence He’s there. Their argument is, they’re struggling and going through a season of difficulty and if He was truly there, He’d help or wouldn’t allow it to happen. But He does. He does allow things to happen for several reasons. One, the situation is meant to change or grow you. Two, the situation is meant to draw you closer to and lean only on Him. Or three, the situation is designed to glorify Him and allow Him to show you and the world who He really is, Sovereign.

Despite what anyone says, God is there. You can trace Him by the mighty works He’s done. That’s all the proof you need.


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