Limited Abilities

Most of my frustration is created by me. I upset myself quite frequently when I can’t do something on my own no matter how much I exert myself. I’ve always viewed myself as Superwoman and thought there was nothing I couldn’t do, until I realized I couldn’t do it. Although strong, I realize my power is limited. I understand how powerful God is and rather than try to force things I can’t control, I surrender all to Him, which happens to be one of my favorite spiritual hymns. Because I’ve chosen to place my faith and trust in God and not my own abilities, I know that He will work everything out for my good far better than I can. I’m not sure if any of you have ever felt like Superman/Superwoman but I want you to know that even you have limitations. Instead of overstepping your boundaries by thinking you can handle what was intended for God, just surrender all to Him. If you don’t, He will make you relinquish control either by choice or force.


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