Back to business

Normally, I’m pretty good about scheduling my daily notes so I won’t fall behind, post too late, or delay other agenda items because I failed to properly plan out one. Whenever I’d fall off track, I often stayed and either took forever to pick myself up or didn’t bother to finish what I started. Hence the one book I’m still working on and struggling to complete, which was supposed to have been finished LAST YEAR. Here we are at the end of this year and I’m still writing. Needless to say, don’t forfeit your goals or any progress you’ve made thus far because you’ve fallen off track and can’t seem to get things together. It’s not the end of the world so don’t let it be the end of your dreams, goals, or visions. Maybe you didn’t fall behind but took a much needed break (which is warranted at times), and that’s okay. However, once the break is over you need to get back to business!

No more delays. No more procrastination. No more laziness. No more excuses. It’s go time and the time is NOW!


One response to “Back to business”

  1. Chiqunda Stevenson Avatar
    Chiqunda Stevenson

    Amen!!! I need this !!!

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