Struggling with comparison

Comparison is the thief of joy and creator of jealousness.

It causes dissension and promotes self-doubt.

It questions your ability while refuting your capability.

It ends friendships and relationships and is known to start family friction.

It makes you unappreciative of what you have and bitter over what you don’t.

It causes you to unfairly stack yourself against others and makes you feel less valued when you don’t measure up.

It’s a struggle trying not to compare or compete, but even I find it quite hard to not look at others and wonder why I’m not where they are or further. It’s not until I realize that I’m right where God has intended me to be. Besides, if I were not in my rightful place, then I don’t believe I’d be in God’s will. I want who He has for me and what He has for me; not what He gave to someone else.

Comparison brings about many struggles but don’t let it become one of yours.


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