It can still happen

Don’t stop believing, no matter what you are believing God for. He hears you no matter how many times you ask, so don’t get weary while waiting because it can still happen at any time.

Trust God’s timing, but most importantly, trust in God!


2 responses to “It can still happen”

  1. I have often wondered if we are to pray once or twice for somethings and then leave it and wait on God, or do we keep asking until we receive?


    1. I’ve often wondered the same, until I read these parables/illustrations in the Bible (i.e., Luke 18:1-8, Luke 11:9-13, and Matthew 7:7). I am well aware that God hears us the first time we pray/ask for anything, but because His word instructs us to be persistent (as did the widower) in our asking, I do so until I receive.

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