Tired of Listening

Before I write a note, I often wonder if people get tired of listening. Are they fed up with getting their hopes up and nothing has changed about their situation. Are they tired of being pacified with motivation, encouragement, and promises of God’s word, but not seeing the promises come to pass. I can imagine you too feel like the people of Israel when they grew weary from listening.

Exodus 6:9 explains that “Moses told the people of Israel what the Lord said but they refused to listen anymore. They had become too discouraged by the brutality of their slavery.” I’m honest, so I’ll admit I sometimes get tired of listening. In fact, I’ve even plugged my ears to God’s word even though I knew He was talking to me about a specific thing. However, because that thing wasn’t changing anything surrounding my circumstances, I wasn’t too keen on listening.

I can honestly say that wasn’t the best approach. In fact, I caused myself quite a bit of damage because what God was speaking to me had everything to do with how my situation would turn out (which was good). Because He didn’t move when I wanted Him to, I briefly moved away from His word, only to return at the most opportune time (His timing). It can be difficult when you’re struggling or going through tough times and you know there’s Someone who can change it but continues to allow it to happen. You watch sermons, listen to podcasts, and occasionally read “notes” to try and help you make it through your ordeal, but it isn’t working.

Not only are they working, God is too; you just can’t see it. Sometimes it takes you believing first before you can see it. Take a moment and reflect on this: If you’re tired of listening, imagine what would happen if God got tired of answering you.


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