The Final Stretch

In preparing my notes this morning, God immediately brought racing back to my attention. I’m not speaking about car or drag racing but an athlete running a race. To prepare, athletes often train months before the race to build their stamina in hopes of gaining (and maintaining) momentum over their opponents. As they tirelessly run lap after lap after lap, many may wonder if they’ll ever complete the race. Although those last few laps seem like forever, it’s no fete for them as they know they’ve reached the final stretch. As they see the end in sight, suddenly they get a burst of energy and their hopes of winning has really been activated.

You see, when they were running and saw the finish line was far away, they steadied and paced themselves because they knew they still had quite a ways to go. However, the minute they got closer to the end the harder it was to fight to finish. How many times have you ran the same race over and over again and after what seemed like forever, you made it to the final stretch? It took everything in you to keep going although you felt like stopping. Despite your opposition and weariness, you’ve got to push right on through. You’re closer than you were ever before so don’t give up now.

I know the end of my race (wilderness) is near so it’s been harder for me to stay focused. I’ve been waiting on this transitional shift for so long, it almost seems out of reach. It’s a little more difficult to stay the course because you want to bolt straight to the finish line, but God is saying just a few laps more. Believe or not, it was easier to manage my emotional journey through the wilderness when I couldn’t see the end. Now that I do, things are proving to be a bit tougher because more obstacles continue to rise. However, I know that the final stretch is not meant to break me but show me how close I am from where I started. My emotions are high but my momentum is higher.

I won’t stop running because I’m not doing this just for me but for you also. I realize a lot of people’s healing is connected to my breakthrough, so I must continue to break through whatever obstacles may come my way. If you’re still running, take a break; but whatever you do, don’t break away from what God has entrusted you to do.


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