Not the typical

I’m not for everybody; therefore, not everyone has access to me. Although I’m a complete extrovert, I do have some introverted tendencies that causes me to crave and value my personal space. I love spending time with my family, traveling, fellowshipping with others, and meeting new people, but I crave my alone time more. While I enjoy having occasional company, I appreciate the little moments I’m closed off from the world. It’s a war I’m constantly fighting because I have a wonderful personality that doesn’t meet strangers, yet my personality sometimes gets in the way of me having (and keeping) peace. I’m loved by many but then there a few people who probably wonder what there is to love about me. Those are not my people! That’s why my association with this is not only limited but absolutely necessary. As I stated earlier, I’m not for everybody; and the minute you learn you aren’t either, it’ll help make things a little bit easier for you because most of our time is spent pleasing people who don’t love, value, or appreciate us anyway. Remember, those are not the typical kind of people we want in our lives.

If they make you bitter and not better, you’d be better off without them.


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