On Assignment

I’m pretty sure if you’d poll members of the Armed Forces and ask what is one of the most difficult things about their job, they’d probably respond with how hard it is being away from their families while on assignment. During this ordeal, they may be training, working, at war, or fulfilling any other obligatory duties. As a result of them being away for long periods of time, visitations are almost impossible unless there are circumstances that warrant them. When God was speaking to me regarding my assignment, He made it explicitly clear I would not be seen for quite some time. I don’t mean unseen in the sense no one would hear from me because obviously my family does, although it’s limited.

Being “hidden” (so to speak), is God’s way of perfecting in me what ‘s needed to not only understand my assignment but to complete it without any outside influences or disturbances. Like the Armed Forces, how long one stays on assignment varies; but just know it won’t be over until the mission is complete. The work God is doing in your life is big but the assignment God has on your life is bigger. No matter how frustrated you are with what God has entrusted you to do, stay on your post until you get it done.


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