Peaceful Trials

God didn’t promise things would be easy for us. In fact, he told us we’d have trials and sorrow (John 16:33) but that doesn’t mean they can’t be peaceful, especially when that peace is found in Him. Whatever you are experiencing maybe rough, uncomfortable, and difficult to withstand, but because of God you are able to. You’re able to do many things; not by your own strength but His. You’re able to take heart when you do go through seasons of difficulty because God has overcome the world, which allows you to overcome your situation. God allows us to go through things that hurt us and cause a great deal of pain, but it’s through that pain that we are able to find Him and have peace. When you go through trials consider it an opportunity for joy (James 1:4). You might not have joy when you’re going through the fire, but you’ll have it once you make it out.

Stay the course and continue to trust in God.


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