Missed Opportunity

If you know me, you’ll say I’m probably one of the biggest cheerleaders you have or wish you had. Whether in the back, front, or out of sight, I’m the one who supports others with all my strength and might. It doesn’t matter if your business is small or large, old or new, if you need support or publicity, I’ll do whatever I can to help you. Which is exactly why I didn’t understand when people fell silent during my accomplishments, especially when I needed their fanfare the most. I go back and forth on this subject matter because I feel everyone needs a team. Until I learned that everyone on your team is not for you. But that’s okay; let them sleep. Let them sleep through your struggles. Let them sleep through the grind. But be sure to awaken them when it’s success time. Don’t give them any credit for what they didn’t do. Instead let them reminisce on how they once knew you. They knew your potential, but pretended to not see. But don’t fret because they’ll regret, their missed opportunity.

Betrayal hurts. But come soon you’ll get over it……and them!


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