The Last Choice

I’m an avid prayer but my prayer life does need improvement. I don’t have a scheduled time to pray or length in which I do pray, but what I do know is that it can be better. There are people I know of who don’t pray and then there are those who don’t know how to pray. However, there’s so secret, remedy, or formula. There is no correct definition on what prayer is or what it should look like. For me, prayer is when I posture myself before God, while I praise, worship, lament, confess, ask, and incline my ear to Him. Most of the time when I do pray, I know exactly what I’m going to say, and when I don’t, I ask God to lead me. After all, He knows your heart. I don’t know about you but when I pray…..

I feel better.

I feel freer than I ever have before.

I feel things shifting in my favor.

I gain strength.

I gain clarity.

I gain wisdom.

I get guidance.

I get tested.

I get results.

I get motivated.

I get the truth.

I grow closer to God.

But most of all, I get quiet.

I know having a spiritual life or relationship with God may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but what I do know is it definitely changes things. I know prayer is a choice; but don’t make it your last.


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