Ready, Set, Go!

I’m a huge sports fan and I look forward to watching the Olympics when it’s held every 4 years. I love gymnastics and figure skating the most, but I do enjoy watching track and field. It’s exciting to see the athletes give their all as we witness who the next champion will be. As the runners position themselves on the block to take flight, I’ve always wondered why a gunshot is fired prior to the race. After doing some research, I found a gunshot is signaled to indicate the race has begun, but more importantly the sprinters (runners) react faster to a gunshot as opposed to a red light. 

It’s important to note that when God places you in position and gives you the signal to run, you better be willing to go! All of the training He’s giving you now is only preparing you for the biggest race you’re about to embark on. There’s no need to be afraid or fear failing because He will be with you all the way. You may even have thoughts or feelings of not being quite ready, but everything that’s about to happen in your life has already been given a set time long ago. 

Don’t talk yourself out of running when God has already positioned you to win the race. 


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