Don’t stand a chance

When I was younger and in middle school, certain individuals would bully me because I was overweight, dark, extremely poor and looked the part. It did not matter my intelligence or friendliness; all they saw was no brands and no money. Although I was constantly ostracized, it was always verbal and not physical. They knew that their words were more powerful, harmful, and lasted longer than a fist fight, so that was their choice of weapon. Granted they succeeded then, but they don’t stand a chance now. Hurtful things people said to me took up space in my head, but now has no room. I confidently know that no matter who or what is against me, God is for me. I know that the weapon will form, but it won’t prosper. I know that what my enemies meant for bad, God has turned it around for my good. And because of that, I’m good!

I don’t know what your relationship is like with God or if you have one. But what I do know is nothing or no one can do anything to you when God is with you!


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