Ask yourself

Have you ever thought to yourself “Why am I doing this?” Or did you just do it without thinking? Do you give thought to why certain events occur and you end up in them? Maybe you can’t understand why you’re met with such opposition, and others aren’t. Perhaps you’re struggling to stay afloat, while so many others sail right by you. I’m sure your list of questions continues, but did you ever stop and ask yourself, “God why me?” All of the above questions (and so many more) was continuously asked and at the forefront of my mind last year.

You all have read about my struggles and troubles and how I viciously fought to overcome, only to realize God was listening but not responding, at least not immediately. No matter when I prayed, where I prayed, or how many times I prayed, they went unanswered. I was already upset by my situation and His failure to respond only frustrated (and infuriated) me more. After a year of this, I had to ask myself another question; “Is God deliberately not answering my prayers? If so, then why?”


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