Time’s Up

Today marks my 6-month anniversary at my new job and the end of my new employee probationary status. I’ll be honest, I anxiously counted down to this day because God is about to really go to work in my life. I know you’re probably saying, “God didn’t have to wait for anything because He can do whatever He wants, when He chooses to do it.” While you are correct, I know God often makes us wait on Him for any given time, but now that the time is up, He’s about to show me why I had to wait in the first place. I live my life not just seeking change but expecting it.

I’ve relinquished the notion that when God moves it’ll take Him years to do so. Instead, I expect Him to do things suddenly because I know He’s capable of doing it. He’s quickly shifting things from the old to the new. I’ve not only waited for this time, but I’ve been preparing for it. I don’t need to physically see things moving to confirm my situation is changing. I have a sense of knowing. I know God is working, I know what God promised me, and I know my time is coming. If there’s anything you need clarity on, ask God. After all, He’s all knowing.


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