Next Stop

I’m no stranger to public transportation and with the constant price gauging of gas, I’m strongly considering going back. As a kid, I remember riding the city line bus to just about every place my family and I needed to go. I can still hear the chain rustling as I dropped it in the meter, after I boarded. Once I took my seat, I waited and anticipated arriving to our destination. If you haven’t learned me yet, I struggle with waiting. Impatiently, I sat and watched as each person’s time to get off came and went. After waiting for what seemed like forever, the driver announced the next stop, which was ours.

I bet when you many of you “got on board” with God, you had no clue how long the ride would be. As you journeyed along, you watched person after person reach their destination as you remained seated. Every so often, you’d glance up and ask the driver (God) “How much longer?” However, you and I both know God doesn’t reveal His timing, but things happen at the right timing. Just because it hasn’t happened doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. Don’t get so frustrated with the delay that you miss “your turn.” Be patient. You’re up next!


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  1. futurernstevenson Avatar

    God timing is always best !!!

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