Answer the call

Many of you know that God has a calling on your life, yet you never answer. God has assigned certain people to your life so you can help them, but many of you are reluctant. Whether you are scared, afraid, don’t feel adequate, or lack the resources, whatever God has called you to do He’s already equipped you to do it. Oftentimes you fail to respond because you somehow make it about you, but it’s not. In fact, it’s about the people who are connected to you that benefits most. You don’t have to live in fear that you don’t know what to do or have reservations about doing it right, because God is with you so you can’t go wrong. When there’s a call on your life, you have an assignment to fulfill. You can run like Jonah or make excuses like Moses it doesn’t matter. He won’t stop calling until you decide to answer.

I used to be concerned with not having enough followers, being too broken, being emotionally and mentally unhealthy, but most of all, not being perfect. However, God wasn’t looking for perfection because He was working to perfect in me what He would use to help others. Sometimes I still don’t understand or see what He does, but it’s evident He knows something that I don’t. Although I’ve never looked at or considered myself the poster child for anything, I know there are major things God has in store for others, and He’s using me to do it. Won’t you allow Him to use you too? You don’t have to come prepared because everything you’re going through is preparing you for where you’re going and what to do.


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