Afraid to take the stand

If you were asked if “God has been good to you?” Would you? Would you be able to confidently point Him out of a line up and implicate Him as the one responsible for your blessings? Do you downplay your success so no one will ask you “How’d you do it?” And you won’t feel obligated to say it was all Him and none of you? Moreover, are you afraid to take the stand and serve as a witness for God? I’m unapologetically a believer and not only do I believe in God’s goodness and mercy, but I wholeheartedly believe in telling it. I don’t mind speaking up for Him because He was nailed up for me. Moreover, I don’t mind sharing His word when it was His word that kept me in my right mind. I love God; and some people have a problem with that not realizing that is their problem! If anyone asks me what He means to me and what He’s done for me, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell them how He did it, and how He will do it for them too.

You shouldn’t be ashamed of your belief in God. However, you should be ashamed if you don’t share Him with others.


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