Not the whole story

Have you ever witnessed an argument between two people, and after each explained their side, you realized someone did not tell you the whole story? That’s what the enemy does. He’ll whisper lies and fill your head up with what hasn’t happened, to convince you that God won’t make things happen. Because he’s the father of lies, he’ll argue and try to lay claim to truth (something he’s incapable of doing) and never tell you the whole story about who God is, because he’s insistent on trying to convince you who God’s not.

The sad part is that both sides of his coin is the same, and people (myself included) don’t see it, because we are convinced there has to be a “heads and tail, while completing disregarding the tales he constantly tells us. Whew! That was a bit of a tongue twister. Nonetheless, if you’re still waiting on a promise from God, keep waiting because it’s coming. In the interim, instead of spending all your time worrying about whether it’ll happen, use your time wisely to “prepare for incoming.”


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