Small Victories

I’ve been in the best mental health spot I’ve ever been in for quite some time. To sum it up, I love it here! I haven’t had any challenges, episodes, or suicidal ideations, for almost two months now. I know this might not be a big deal or issue for some, but for the many who not only know of my struggles but have experienced them, then you know this is MAJOR news! I will admit, because of this “good and safe space” I’ve been in, I have wondered how long it would last. However, before I allow my anxiety to take over as it always does, I instead choose to celebrate the small victories, because it’s not too often I get them. Nonetheless, I know I will continue to battle MH, but what I won’t do is allow it to win!

Whether it be your mental health, work, school, or anything meaningful to you, but irrelevant to others, always celebrate your victories. No matter how small they are.


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