Do your best

For a week now, I’ve been communicating with an individual, working tirelessly to help him get some information to me, which would ultimately be beneficial for him. Because he works full-time, has a family life, mentoring program, and the continued list is probably higher than Mt. Everest, he responded by saying, “I’m doing my best.” To which I replied, “Then, that’s good enough.” How many of you feel you aren’t good enough because you’ve given your best and it’s still not “good enough”?

If you’re making a continued effort to give all you’ve got, while others only give a little, you’re doing way better than what you give yourself credit for. It reminds me of the lady in the Bible who put all of her coins in the “giving” basket, while those who were more well off, gave little to nothing at all. Don’t miss the point that I’m making, because you now think I’m trying to tell you how to give. Essentially I am, but I’m not speaking in terms of financial giving. What you do with your money is entirely up to you. Nonetheless, what I am saying is don’t beat yourself up if you’ve done all you can and still don’t get the results you were hoping for. Show yourself some grace and be proud that you gave it all you’ve got, even if others don’t perceive it that way.


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