Waiting on you

A couple of days ago, I met this man and immediately engaged in an almost 20-minute conversation with him. For those unaware, I’m extremely extroverted, sociable, and rarely do I meet strangers. We talked mainly about our education, attending the same college, and our goals post our Masters degree. We both have a mutual interest and goal of obtaining a Doctorate degree, but the difference between me and him, is that I know this is what I’m going to do, but he knows he needs a little “push” so he could do it.  

I gave him my information because he stated he’s going to “need some motivation,” and who better to motivate him than me. After all, that is one of the many assignments God has tasked me to do. I shared that brief story to say, sometimes people need to see that it can be done before they believe they can get it done. It’s not to say they aren’t equipped or intelligent enough to do it, because in most cases they are. However, it could very well be that they’re waiting on you to go first, so they can then say, “If she (or he) can do it, then so can I.” And if you need reassuring, let this be your sign.


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