Keep the coat

A lot of times, people are out to get you, not because of who you are but what you have. God has been repeatedly bringing the story of Joseph (Jacob’s son) back to me, and each time there’s a new revelation I receive. If you’re familiar with the story, you know Jacob gave Joseph (his favorite) a beautiful, multi-colored coat, which was typically reserved for the eldest child. As a result of the disdain Joseph’s brother had for him, they plotted to get him. Although Joseph was deemed “the dreamer”, it really wasn’t what God had shown him (dreams) that they were after, but more so what their father had given him (a coat). The coat, which was supposed to have been given to Reuben, further proved just how much Jacob loved and favored Joseph more than he did his other children.

God, as just as He is, has given all of us something of value. Whatever He’s given you is being eyed (and envied) by someone else. While He has no favorites, He does grant some of us favor over others. Personally speaking, I’ve been awarded and recognized for many great things I’ve done in my life. I’ve had my fair share of “haters” and although they might have had their eyes on my prize, what they really envied was the love and admiration I received from others. Granted my “coat” doesn’t belong to them, I’d be willing to let them keep it. Besides, it’s not about what’s “on me,” but what God has placed “in me.” Now that, they could never have!


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