Taking the heat

For the past couple of weeks, it’s rained quite a lot in Alabama. I’m not talking about a few showers here or there, but thunderstorms. I’m actually grateful for it, considering the weather has been ridiculously hot and uncomfortable. However, no matter how uncomfortable the temperature’s been, or how much rain we’ve received, I find comfort in knowing that although we all will experience some level of heat in our lives and weather some storms, God uses both to yield great results. Not only are the crops growing, so are we!

Granted the heat has been almost intolerable, it’s shown me that if we can make it through the rough elements, we can make it through the tough deterrents we’ll come against in life. There are things we go through that will be quite unbearable, but God uses it to help us grow into who He’s called us to be. Our experiences not only shape us, but they help to create a better life for others. Many may argue, “Why should I feel the burn, while others benefit from my pain.” My only response, “Because God knew you could take the heat.”


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