Cite the Source

There’s nothing that irks me more than someone who takes what one is responsible for and try to pass it off as their own. Whether it be their lack of creativity or intellectual inability, they will claim the credit, without ever citing the source. We see this a lot in the literary world. You hear so many stories of authors, writers, and composers who spend years working on a book, play, movie, or music, only to see or hear their work before they ever get the chance to present it. Rather them be rewarded for their hard work, instead the plagiarist will be awarded, knowing all along they had nothing to do with the assignment, yet they were publicly cited as the source. Then you have those who have been promoted and catapulted to great heights, only to look down and take responsibility for the climb. They’ll speak about the winds that almost took them out but won’t admit to the hands that kept them from falling. Just yesterday, I was reading the rise and fall of many billionaires, and one commonality they all had (aside from billions) was the title “self-made.” I know just as well as everyone else, you don’t get to where you are or acquire what you have by your own doing. Either you have a team, someone, or “something” as people often refer to Him as, to help you reach a certain level of success. Instead of citing the source, they’ll cite their hard work. However, we know no matter how good your work is, it won’t always take you far, but God will.

I’ve worked hard for many things in my life, but had it not been for God working harder, I wouldn’t have all that I do. Now, that’s how you cite the source!


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