Star Witness

When I was younger, I used to be very much into the legal system and politics. Now, not so much. I can remember being devoted to my weekly schedule of watching entertainment judges, such as Mathis, Judy, and Joe Brown. Before high-profile cases and crime shows terrorized me, I binged watched them as I quietly made my opening statements, presented evidence, and prepared my closing arguments. One thing I learned was that the most crucial piece of evidence was often presented by the defense in the form of a testimony from the individual who took the stand. This individual, also known as the star witness, had the ability to either break or make the case, often resulting in the latter. Apparently deemed as a threat, the star witness would often be targeted or taken out. The opposer knew if the defense had no witness then ultimately they had no case.

It’s amazing how the enemy thinks the same. Because he doesn’t want you to serve as a witness for God and testify to how great He is, he’ll do whatever he can to take you out. He’ll impose every attack and plot in hopes of you not “taking the stand,” so you won’t solidify who God is, ultimately exposing him for who he is. A liar! The enemy has no case; therefore, he’s trying to build one against God. However, he hasn’t learned yet that God has never lost a case. All He does is win!


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