Critical Care

I’m an extremely affectionate, selfless, and loving person. I want so much better (and more) for people than they do themselves, sadly. I make it a mission to make sure others are taken care of, often before I do myself. It’s tiresome, but the joy they receive is far greater than the exhaustion I feel. In fact, it’s so great, I’ve adopted an unhealthy practice of placing their wants over my needs. I think I took God a little to literal when He assigned me to “render aid,” because now I’m the one who needs help. Innately I’m a very caring person, but even I know my character is not entirely to blame. I need to do better; and I need to start by not treating others better than I do myself. I love the calling God has placed on my life, but I also know He didn’t call me to become neglectful. Especially towards my needs. However, I’ve decided to cut back on my overzealous ways. Then I’ll be able to take better care of myself as I do them.

Taking care of your mental and physical health is critical. Sometimes, some people don’t know how severe it is, until it’s them who needs help.


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