Render Aid

As I was awaiting today’s word from God, suddenly I was led to the word of God. Genesis 50:20 states, “…. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people.” God will often use us to render aid to save lives. We see this happening with Joseph, ourselves and so many others throughout the world. Although you may not be rendering medical aid, Whether you’re prepared or not, God will let others’ healing come at the expense of your pain. Many will question why they have to suffer in order for someone else to live, but Jesus did it for us, and was put through way more. If God has placed you in position to be of service or help to others, do it. Don’t begrudged them and refuse to give, because you went through hades to get what you have and feel they should too. God placed you in that position for a reason and season. Now that it’s over, be the reason someone else makes it through theirs.


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