As a child, one of my worst fears was being separated from my mother. The few times I’d gone to the Alabama National Fair, I made sure to stay within direct eye view of her, because I was afraid of being snatched away, or looking up and not seeing her there. I can remember when one of my sister’s on my father’s side would come to pick my other sisters and I up to visit our dad’s side of the family, I never went. I would always cry, which would then compel my parents to allow me to stay. They never knew it, but I had major separation anxiety growing up. I guess that’s why I’m extremely overprotective of my nieces and nephew, and will panic (and probably faint) if we’re ever a part.

I realize they are growing young beings, and there will come a time when we’ll probably be miles a part. Although distance may separate us physically, we’ll always be inseparable at heart. That’s what God promises us. No matter who or what comes between us and Him, it’ll never be enough to separate us. An angel can’t do it. Heaven can’t do it. Death can’t do it. Neither man or woman can do it. Absolutely nothing can separate us from Him or His love (Romans 8:39). Don’t allow anyone or anything to get in between your relationship with God. It doesn’t matter if they believe or not, have faith or not. All that matters is that you do not stop seeing God the way you do, because others refuse to see (acknowledge) Him at all.

If you’ve gone astray or been led, remember He never left you. He couldn’t because you’re inseparable.


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