Chasing Perception

What if the person who’s always claiming to be living their best life, is experiencing their worst? They constantly post pictures of elaborate get-a-ways, but secretly wish they could get away from the life they live. Five-star restaurants, designer labels, extravagant homes and cars, fancy clothes, and all-around expensive taste, yet all they can taste is misery. They love being a celebrity but can’t even celebrate themselves. On Mondays, they’re “motivating you to be a boss like them,” and on Wednesdays they’re showing you what a “working woman or man does,” but can’t seem to work on the thing that needs the most work, themselves. I remember on Thursdays they would “throw back” old pics to go back down memory lane, all the while knowing they can barely navigate the one that they’re in. But to keep their image and likes up, they’ve got to continue with the perception, because they know it’s what you’re chasing. They can’t show who they really are, because then it’d be the end of what they’re pretending to be; happy. Money doesn’t make you feel good. It just makes you look good. The next time you scroll through someone’s feed or view their stories, ask yourself, “What’s the real story?” Because I’ve read to many stories about people “living the life,” while struggling with the decision to end theirs. Let the record reflect, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a better life or having finer things. Just don’t let those things define who you are and be the only thing that you’re concerned about.


2 responses to “Chasing Perception”

  1. Rev. Susie Tatum Avatar
    Rev. Susie Tatum

    WOW! Thank you for the reminder that things aren’t always what it seems. I remember a time when I felt so broken that I didn’t feel that my ministry was effective. I was suffering in silence, while keeping a smile on my face. I asked myself, “How can I minister to others when I need ministering to?” My Bishop said that God’s Word isn’t broken. Some of my most powerful sermons came out of that brokenness.

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    1. Rev. Tatum,

      I can’t begin to express to you how many times I’ve asked God how could He use me to help others, when I can barely help myself. I know for a fact had it not been for me being broken, there’s no way I would’ve been able to help others heal.


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