Filled with splendor

I have a quick note I wanted to share. As I was sitting in my office this morning working, out of nowhere, I started singing, “You are holy. Lord of glory. Filled with splendor and majesty.” It didn’t take me by surprise, because often I’m led by the Spirit to sing certain hymns. As I continued, I couldn’t help but notice how I kept singing “Filled with splendor and majesty” repeatedly. Immediately God highlighted the word splendor and stated that many are about to be filled with it. The blessings He’s about to bestow upon you will be magnificent and grand! So grand, people will believe that only God could be responsible for the magnitude of what’s to come. I smiled and rejoiced because this word was not intended solely for you, but for me as well. I have been anxiously (and impatiently) waiting to receive God’s miracles and wonders, and I know it’s only a matter of time before I do, and you do too. If you’ve been discouraged and wondering when it will happen, let this be your sign that it’s happening NOW! There will be no more waiting for it, asking for it, or looking for it, because it all is about to be yours!


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