Don’t call me Mara

I’ve shared many times how I used to be a “negative Nancy.” Trying to make sense of my mental health issues, dealing with poverty, and battling my own personal demons was enough to keep me pessimistic. I couldn’t see the good in anything or find anything joyful about my life, because I hated it. I hated everything about it, but the thing I hated most was myself. I didn’t like me, and barely could show myself any love, which is probably why I never felt like I received any. I sabotaged, belittled and scolded myself constantly. I was my worst nightmare and enemy. I was angry almost always and verbally took my frustration out on others. I was upset and disappointed because I felt God had dealt with me in a horrible way. Even though I was all those things, please don’t call me Mara. What I went through was enough to leave anyone feeling bitter, but instead, it made me stronger. I didn’t realize the things I suffered through years ago, would give me the strength I desperately needed today. For the past two years, my life has been somewhat déjà vu. “I’ve been here before,” is what I kept telling myself. And how I handled things then, has helped me to push through the difficulty now. Don’t be like Naomi and give yourself a new identity because you’ve encountered some unfortunate circumstances. No matter how negative things are or what you’re going through, try your best to remain who God called you to be; “pleasant.”


2 responses to “Don’t call me Mara”

  1. Love this!!


  2. Wisdom! We must learn to love ourselves, so we become the first partaker in loving us, so others will do the same! Wonderful post! ❤️


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