Disappointing words

Whenever I find myself going through a tumultuous storm, I turn to God’s word. After all, it’s always motivated, inspired and gave me hope, until it no longer did. Rather than find comfort in His word, I found it to be disappointing. I found it hard to believe any of His promises, because I had yet to see them come forth. I didn’t understand the countless stories I’d read that highlighted His mighty power, and how He’d been there for so many people, but refused to show up for me. “What was it about them that made Him move so quickly, but made me wait?” Is what I found myself asking often. I couldn’t fathom how someone who professed their love for me and showed it by sacrificing His life for mine, turned His back on me when I needed Him most. None of it made sense to me. None of it proved true (so I thought). Most of all, none of it was adding up, especially His word.

What do you do when God’s word disappoints you? Do you give up hope and lose faith? Or do you reflect on all the times it brought you comfort, and He brought you through? It’s easy to give up when you don’t physically see things happening, but God works in the spiritual realm first before you even see it in the natural. Don’t allow your eyes, situation, or the enemy to cause you to doubt God. If He’s made you a promise, it will surely come to pass. Remember, God’s not a man that He should lie, neither can His word return to Him void. If He said it, He meant it. All you’ve got to do is trust, believe and wait on it and Him.


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  1. Absolutely true! Great post

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