Lose the weight

I used to love watching the extremely talented gymnast Dominique Dawes during the Olympics, and Nancy Kerrigan as she figured skated. As I child, I didn’t realize why they wore barely there clothing, until I was old enough to understand, that if they wore anything heavier it would only weigh them down, ultimately affecting the way they performed. The same can be said for Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps, and other swimmers alike. If they carry too much weight, it will only slow them down. To prohibit this from happening, they’ve got to lose the excess weight.

I’m pretty sure if you polled a group of people and asked, “What’s one thing you could change about yourself?” They would probably say their weight. Not realizing it’s really not their actual weight that concerns them, but that of those around them. Because they’re family, close friends, or a significant other, they feel obligated to stay when a lot of times, they could soar if they would only disconnect themselves. It can be hard letting go, because of the love you have for them. However, when you’re tired and have had enough, the only thing to change how you feel, is to lose the weight. Most people won’t like it, but you have to do what’s best for you!


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