Surrogate Faith

I believe for a lot of people the center of their frustration is not where they are, but how they got there. This place they’re in is foreign, uncomfortable, unfamiliar, and also unexpected. They feel shipwrecked, stranded, lost, and wondering if they’ll still get to their destination, because they’ve been stuck in Malta. However, like Paul, no matter how long you’re delayed, you’ll still make it. You might not always have the strength or faith to believe, but just know when you don’t, there’s always someone else with surrogate faith. They can believe for you, hope for you, have faith for you, and most of importantly, can carry you when you can’t. Some days you won’t always have it together but know that you can lean on others to keep you from falling apart. Even if you do, don’t become discouraged or give up, because God will make all things anew again; including you.  


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