Produced in the fire (Pt. IV)

Some of the greatest things you’ll ever accomplish in life, will be a result of the time you spend in the fire. That time is used to prune, prepare and equip you to serve God’s plan and purpose for your life. It will be painful and unpleasant, albeit it will be worth it. Obviously, when you’re going through, you can’t see where the journey will lead you. All you see are roadblocks, setbacks, detours and no progress, even if you’ve made only a little. Nonetheless, you couldn’t convince Stevie of this. She’d taken many steps forward, but was forced to step back, causing her to fall off track.

Her college and career plans didn’t pan out the way she’d wanted them to, but God had another way. A way she couldn’t yet see. As with destinations, there are many roads that leads to them, and although we feel we are on the right one, God will cause us to detour, because there are some places along the way He’d like us to glean from. What we gather from those places or people, will be used to help others who are either in the fire, or about to be thrust into it. As with Stevie, the pain you experience will not only grow you, but mold you into who you are destined to be.

Get ready to be “pulled from the fire.”

Take Note,


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