Faith under fire (Pt. III)

If you haven’t experienced any type of trouble in this world, you will. If you haven’t experienced any suffering or anguish in your lifetime, you will. If your faith hasn’t been under fire, get prepared. Stevie is a firm believer in God, but she doesn’t always believe His logic in doing things. She’s lamented and questioned Him, and more times than she’d care to admit, she’s doubted Him. Her struggles and suffering didn’t align with His word. He promised her that her “cup with run over with blessings,” but her glass was always empty. He promised to do “exceedingly and abundantly above all she could think or imagine,” yet she’s thinking when will it happen. He’s made a lot of promises and because they’ve yet to be fulfilled, she’s starting to lose faith.

Unbeknownst to her, the enemy is using a temporary situation and trying to get her to believe it’s permanent. Moreover, he wants her to doubt God will come to her rescue. However, God will rescue her just as He did the three Hebrew boys. They had faith and believed God will deliver them from the fiery furnace, even when it appeared there was no way out. Because she’s weak and doesn’t see any change, it’s easier for her to believe the lies as opposed to the truth. Amongst all of her problems, her lack of faith is her biggest issue.

Instead of turning to God, she turned away from Him. Not only was it a mistake, but it was exactly what the enemy wanted her to do. Not trust God. In doing this, she was being led from God and the assignment He had for her. But seeing the bigger picture can often be hard, when your hardships block your view. Things had come to an absolute low for Stevie, but she’d later find out she wasn’t being persecuted by the fire. She was being “produced in the fire.”

Take Note,


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