They see you

Imagine being unknown today and an icon tomorrow. You awake to countless Facebook and Instagram notifications from supporters congratulating you on your newfound fame, while the naysayers brag about once “knowing you.” Within the blink of an eye, you’re bombarded with cameras flashing, tv appearances, and numerous shouts of “Can I have your autograph?” Suddenly, the world outside has drastically changed with you having gone from obscurity to now needing security. Let’s face it. You’re it! The latest rave, newest sensation, and hottest commodity. Fascinated, people wonder and question “How’d you do it? Managing to come out of nowhere,” not realizing how hard you worked to get there.

They see the glitz and glam, but what they didn’t see was the grit and grind. They see the large marquee bearing your name, but what they didn’t see was all the times you endured failure, rejection, and pain. They see dollar signs, opportunities, and privileges, but what they didn’t see were your struggles. They see you being on top but didn’t see how many times you hit rock bottom. They also didn’t see the tears, the ever-present fears, or years of work you put out, in exchange to let success in. They didn’t see how many times you would start and quit or the many nights you gave up, because your goals of trying to “make it,” became a lot harder than you just “making it” through the day.

There were a lot of things they didn’t see, but what they did see, was you coming! Now they say, you were made “overnight.” But what they fail to realize is, it took more than a night to make you. Let’s be honest, people see you well before you do. They just pretend that they don’t. However, don’t allow them to diminish you, downplay your journey, or discredit your success, because they didn’t see you do it. They did. They just didn’t believe that you could.

Take Note,


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