I pay extreme attention to detail. A little too much attention, if you ask me. Yesterday, I was watching “The Lincoln Lawyer” on Netflix, and as Attorney Haller was being chauffeured around town, I immediately zoomed in on his license plate. It read “DISMISSD.” Instantly, God laid in my spirit that He was going to dismiss the enemy and the attacks he’s long plagued me with. That it would all be over soon, and the things I’ve been praying for that have been held back from me, would be released. In other words, He is about to do away with your problems, and grant you the long-awaited solutions. I’ve always stated that God speaks to us in various ways. Whether you choose to believe (or listen) is entirely up to you. However, don’t always expect to hear His voice. There are times you’ll need to pay attention to the signs. This is one of them!

Until next time my NOTE takers!


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