Listen to me

Bottles popping, fireworks exploding and singing Auld lang syne with family and friends, can be a joyous time, and “one for the books.” A new year can either be a celebration for some, or a declaration for others. While most people are celebrating the fact that “they made it,” others are declaring how “this will be their year.” Then there’s the occasional few who can neither celebrate nor declare what their intentions are, because they’re tired of being disappointed.

Setting goals serves them no purpose, partly because they can’t find theirs. They can’t create vision boards, because they don’t see themselves any better off than where they are. Truthfully, it’s hard for them to see anything when the scales of defeat cover their eyes. They’re tired of talking about it. They’re tired of writing about it. They’re tired of praying about it. They’re tired of hoping for it. They’re tired of wondering when it’ll happen. They’re tired of being mentally, physically, and emotionally drained.

They’re sick and tired of being tired and have had more than enough! I wish I could do more for these people, because I know my words alone aren’t enough. While I do understand their frustrations and pain, I do know sometimes all they really want, is to be heard. No talking, no judging, and no opinions.

It’s mental health awareness month, so be sure to do a wellness check on your family and friends. If they speak about it more than three times, they’re not asking for validation or attention; they’re asking you to listen.

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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