Invitation to dinner

Whenever I get the chance to leave the house, I go. Whether it be to travel, go shopping or something as small as dinner, when given the invitation, I’m there. While I’m always privy of knowing who’ll be present, there are times I don’t, but I try to make a point to ask. However, God says the table He has prepared for you, many will be invited, most you will know, and others you won’t. But, the thing He wants you to know is that, although you may think you are one of the guest, you’ll actually be the guest of honor. Everybody present will be there serving as a witness to how big God is about to bless you! The same ones that conspired and prayed to limit or stop your success, will be the same ones watching you succeed. You are about to be seated at the biggest table you’ve ever eaten from! They’ll be no more dinner for two, because you’ll be surrounded by plenty, which is exactly what you’re about to get.

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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