Keep showing up

I’m pretty tired this morning, but despite my weariness, I still made an effort to show up with a post. A lot of times, we run ourselves ragged for others, and are always coming to their aide, but when it’s time for us to perform or complete our own personal tasks, we’re always exhausted, a little too exhausted, if you ask me. It behooves me how dedicated we are to making others dreams come true, and continue to sleep on ours. I’m known for giving 120% in all that I do, but when I need to work on a new book or create content for the blog, somehow I can only find 90%. It’s not fair to me or my craft, that I fail to be entirely present for myself, yet I’m never absent for others. However, I know I can’t accomplish anything, if I’m not willing to give it my everything. Granted I’m tired and in need of some rest, I’m still going to keep showing up and giving my very best.

If you miss out on fulfilling your dreams, it’s because you chose not to be there!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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