One more chance

I was reading a story yesterday morning through one of my devotionals, where a gentleman shared “he doesn’t really trust God, based upon his shortcomings and unwillingness to help” (paraphrased). The interviewer suggested that he give God another chance, to which the interviewee declined, after alluding to already having done so. I immediately understood his position, as I’ve felt the same, however, what I didn’t understand was how the same God who gives us second, third, fourth, and endless chances, was not worthy of the same. Rather than give God time to work his situation out, he instead shut Him out. I remember experiencing his exact feelings of doubt, faithlessness, and hopelessness, because of things I’ve asked God help for, but have yet to receive. Yet that’s the thing; just because I haven’t received it doesn’t mean I won’t. God works in the spiritual realm first, before we ever see it happen in the natural. While it’s quite natural we have feelings of disbelief, it’s only right that we wait and trust God to make things happen, as opposed to not giving Him the chance to. Whoever that gentleman is, I certainly hope he affords God the same compassion, forgiveness and repeat chances He’s allowed us. Besides, we shouldn’t expect God to do anything for us, that we wouldn’t do for Him.

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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