No connection

I really don’t listen to music in the car, but every now and then, I’ll activate my Bluetooth to jam a time or two. As I motioned to play a track, I noticed my volume was up, but my speakers didn’t produce a sound. It was then I saw the words “no device connected” flash across my car’s screen, and quickly realized, my phone was sitting in the cup holder and not connected to the charging docket. Rather than reach for my phone, I momentarily enjoyed the silence, before I realized I’d enjoy the melodious tunes better.

As I inserted the cord, immediately, the music started blaring. I was no longer alone, as singer Lucky Daye made his presence known. Showcasing my vocals, I sang “Love you too much” all the way to my sister’s house, while thinking about how much God loves us. No matter if we knowingly or unknowingly disconnect ourselves from God, He loves us too much to leave. When I had experienced the lowest I’d ever last year, I felt so hopeless, helpless, weak and alone, and often questioned God, and whether He was indeed there.

Not only was He present, but He was waiting for me to reconnect with Him so that I could feel His presence, but most of all love. So many people have gone astray from God for various reasons, but my hope and intent is that by sharing my frustrations, trials, and tribulations, and how He has helped me overcome, will one day help them find their way back to Him. It doesn’t matter what led you astray or how long you’ve been gone, just remember the lyrics, “Where ever you go, whatever you do, God will be right here waiting for you.”

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

2 responses to “No connection”

  1. This is good and so is God!


    1. Thank you! He is more than good!


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