I don’t like driving long distances, and I certainly don’t like anyone or anything that’s going to delay my arrival time. I remember some years back when I used to drive to visit my late father in the nursing home, I would often get mixed up with making the right turn, and knowing when to make it. Prior to me memorizing the route, I had to rely on my GPS, or otherwise, I’d be lost. Whenever I’d take a wrong turn, the “GPS lady” would always say, “recalculating,” which would in turn get me back to the correct route. It was so annoying constantly hearing her voice, but I know she was only doing what she was designed to do, which was keep me on the straight path.

Isn’t it amazing how God does the same? Whenever He sees us going down the wrong path, He quickly “recalculates” our steps, to ensure we end up where we’re supposed to be, instead of where we aren’t meant to be. He does it because He was created to do it, although some of us still refuse to follow directions, because we think we know where we’re going, when we’re completely unaware of what lies ahead. Rather than allow us to enter a danger zone, He will redirect us to avoid any major delays or potential causalities. After all, He knows what lies ahead; we only know what’s in front of us.

I don’t care whether you use a Global Positioning System (GPS) or God Protecting System (GPS), when you’re instructed to turn around, do it. Otherwise, expect major delays.

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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