Working in silence

“How do you do that?” Is the question I remember being asked quite often by one of my “concerned” colleagues, to which I’d respond, “How do I do what?” “How do you work in silence, because I’d lose my mind if things were this quiet. When people don’t hear you doing anything, they could presume you’re doing nothing.” It took everything in me to refrain from saying, “Things would be much quieter if you weren’t here,” but at that point, I had pretty much become a changed woman. Although it wouldn’t have hurt had I reverted back to the old me for a split second. Nonetheless, I told her two very important things that day. “Please allow me to work in an environment that’s conducive for me, and just because you don’t ‘hear’ me working, doesn’t mean that I’m not.” Honestly, I still haven’t quite figured out how making sounds equates to being productive, considering she made a lot of noise with her flapper, and barely did any work.

God reminded me of that incident as I was preparing to write, for this sole purpose; He’s working, even while being silent. You don’t have to “hear” Him to know that He’s doing anything, because He knows He’s doing everything to work your situation out.

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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